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TAMM - Centralized Job Application Platform

Partnered with Abu Dhabi Smart Solutions and Services Authority to create a centralized employment portal. This was projected to improve the global ranking of business services provided by the Abu Dhabi government from 61 to 10, customer satisfaction rating from 42% to 90%, and the worldwide online services ranking from 14th down to 5th.  

The traditional recruitment process is often fragmented and time-consuming, involving various steps such as posting job ads, collecting and reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews, and making hiring decisions. Additionally, managing and tracking the status of applications across multiple platforms and channels can be a logistical nightmare for recruiters. This can result in a loss of qualified candidates and delayed hiring decisions.

Problem Statement


Name: Sarah Jones


Age: 25


Occupation: Job Applicant

Education: Bachelor in Accounting

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE


Goals: Sarah's main goal is to secure a full-time position in marketing that allows her to apply her skills and develop new ones. She is looking for a position that provides opportunities for growth and learning, and where she can make a meaningful contribution to the company's success.


Challenges: One of the biggest challenges that Sarah faces is the competitive job market. She must work hard to stand out from other applicants and demonstrate why she is the best candidate for the position. Additionally, Sarah is relatively new to the workforce and may lack experience compared to other candidates, which can make it difficult for her to compete for certain roles.

Name: Laura Johnson


Age: 45


Occupation: HR Authority Case Manager


Education: Bachelor in Human Resources

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE


Goals: Laura's primary goal is to ensure that the organization she works for is compliant with all federal and state regulations related to HR. She works to create and implement policies and procedures that promote a positive work environment, protect employee rights, and reduce the risk of legal action against the company. Laura is also committed to helping employees navigate any issues or challenges they may face in the workplace.

Challenges: One of the biggest challenges that Laura faces is staying up-to-date with the constantly changing laws and regulations related to HR. She must also navigate complex and sensitive employee relations issues, such as conflicts between employees or allegations of harassment or discrimination. Laura must balance the needs and preferences of employees with the priorities and goals of the organization.


The TAMM platform, which means "comprehensive" in Arabic, is a centralized platform that is developed as part of the UAE's digital transformation initiative. It is the home for all digital government services accessible to citizens, residents, tourists, investors, and visitors. The platform was first launched in 2018 and began providing different government services from 2020 onwards. TAMM integrates more than 140 government websites that offer an array of services to individuals, such as family affairs, health insurance, and housing and properties, as well as business-related services like business expansion, finding a job, new business registration, licenses, and certificates.

I was responsible for the "Find a job vertical. This vertical allows the users to:

  • Create a profile: Build a candidate profile to apply with by creating or importing a resume. 

  • Get career advice: Discover the various career assistance options that are accessible to enhance the user's job search and register for appropriate programs that can enhance their knowledge and skills. 

  • Apply: Search and apply to jobs that match the candidates' experience and interests.

  • Track: Keep an eye on the progress of the application and schedule interviews. Users will receive information about where and when the interview is through the platform.

  • Communicate: Send and receive messages from the employer.

  • Provide documentation: Attach and submit any additional documents requested by the recruiter.

  • Start the new job: Sign the contract, enroll in the pension fund, and get onboarding information.


Improved efficiency

Streamline the recruitment process by providing a single place to manage and track all job applications. This reduces the time and effort required to manage multiple applications across various channels, such as email, social media, and job boards.

Enhanced collaboration

Enable recruiters and case managers to collaborate and communicate more effectively throughout the recruitment process. They can share candidate information, provide feedback, and make hiring decisions in a more timely and efficient manner.

Better candidate experience

Provide a consistent and user-friendly experience for job seekers. Candidates can easily apply to multiple positions and receive updates on their application status, reducing frustration and improving their overall experience.

Improved compliance

Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, such as equal employment opportunity laws and data privacy regulations. It can also provide an audit trail of the recruitment process, which may be required in the event of legal action or an audit.

Increased data accuracy

Enable recruiters to collect and analyze data on job applications, including applicant demographics, qualifications, and screening outcomes. This data can help recruiters make informed decisions and improve the recruitment process over time.

Skill development resources

Attract a wider range of candidates with varying skill sets and backgrounds, increasing the diversity and talent pool for potential hires.


In this role, I was responsible for conducting user interviews to better understand user goals and existing platform limitations, which led to the identification of existing feature deficiencies. To drive the product vision and feature development, I partnered with an external vendor to conduct market and competitive research while also conducting user workshops to create user personas using design thinking principles. I also workshopped physical prototypes in the discovery phase to understand user jobs to be done. Additionally, I owned the product requirement documentation (PRD) which outlined the product plan, and requirements, and helped identify scope creep. Furthermore, I partnered with the UX Design team to guide and approve wireframe designs to ensure optimal user experience. Lastly, I set Service Level Agreements (SLA) and documented technical requirements to ensure appropriate API integration readiness and served as the de facto QA tester responsible for identifying and managing defects.

Working within an Agile (Scrum) environment with two-week sprints, I led scrum ceremonies such as daily standup, retrospectives, and sprint planning. As the owner of the product roadmap, I was responsible for feature prioritization, backlog grooming, user story, and acceptance criteria creation. 

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